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Names, Not Numbers

An Enduring Way to Teach the Lessons of the Holocaust


To mobilize the wisdom of living Holocaust  survivors and veterans of World War II  in a 21st century effort to combat antisemitism and other forms of hatred and intolerance. 


"I’m inspired by these students in their outreach and compassion. Together with the survivors, each one has become a teacher of history that must be remembered. It is also so gratifying that you - in your own way - have shown us that this and future generations will not stand aside when they have a chance to tell a story that can make a difference for the good of all of us."


— Steven Spielberg, Academy Award Winning Director, speaking to the students at Manhattan Day School



Names, Not Numbers© history, journalism and filming classes have taken place across the US, Canada and Israel

Students have participated in the Names, Not Numbers© project



Survivors + WWII veterans interviewed by students in the Names, Not Numbers© project

Total viewers of the Names, Not Numbers© films

Interested in supporting Names, Not Numbers© or in having your school, university, museum or organization participate? Please contact us through this form or our tel.- email below .

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