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Poland Trip

Beginning in 2016, Names, Not Numbers® coordinated an annual experiential education trip to Poland for seniors at Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA). The unique 9-day trip helps bring to life the past, present and future of Jews in Poland. 

In the summer of 2018, Names, Not Numbers® organized the first ever adult oriented trip to Poland, allowing adults to experience Poland - its past, present and future - as well. Leveraging a variety of the experiences from the high school trip, Tova and Dov Rosenberg, provided the group with an adult oriented program. Joining Tova and Dov was RIETS and MTA Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes, who served as a one-of-a-kind guide for the trip.

To read more about the adult program, click here: New Jersey Jewish Link.

For more information about the trip and to learn about future trips, please contact Dov Rosenberg


Group photo at Birkenau with survivor Dov Landau


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