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The Program

Program Summary

Students learn first-hand about the Holocaust through the production of their own oral history documentary.

  • Students conduct oral history interviews

  • Students preserve first hand testimonials

  • Students form intergenerational connections



  • Interviewing techniques

  • Oral history

  • Documentary film tools

  • Internet research

  • Editing


  • Throughout the program, professionals - journalists, filmmakers and Holocaust survivors - advise, guide and prepare the students for the interviews.


  • Each group of students conducts  a one-hour interview with a Holocaust survivor or a World War II veteran

  • These small segments of the history of WWII and its aftermath are preserved via digital media

The Documentary:

  • In addition to the student-created documentary, the filmmaker produces a mini-documentary entitled Names, Not Numbers®: A Movie in the Making" that details the entire year-long program.

  • A culminating event is organized, which honors the interviewees and showcases the students' work via the mini-documentary

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