About Tova Fish-Rosenberg, Founder

Tova Fish-Rosenberg is the creator and producer of the acclaimed "Names, Not Numbers©" Intergenerational Holocaust Oral History Film Documentary Project. To date, 6,000 students have participated in the project together with 2000 survivors in the US, Canada and Israel.

Mrs. Rosenberg is a former lecturer at the Kibbutzim College of Education in Tel Aviv, the Director of the Washington University Program at Hebrew University, Day School principal in the US and Canada, and presently is the Director of Hebrew Language and Special Programs at the Yeshiva University High Schools.

“Mrs. Rosenberg is the recipient of Yeshiva University’s Baumel Faculty Incentive Award in Jewish Studies in recognition of the "Names, Not Numbers©" Project, (the only non-YU faculty member to be so honored) and was honored as one of the "Points of Light" at the Yeshiva University's 2009 Chanukah Dinner.”

Mrs. Rosenberg, a world renowned expert on Holocaust education, is a regular speaker and contributor on the topic.

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Mrs. Rosenberg interviewed by Brad,  Promerance the Host of Jewish Life TV